Welcome to Gracepoint Irvine! For many of us, college is where we experienced the transforming power of the Gospel. We see church as what happens not just on Sundays, but Monday through Saturday - forming relationships, bonding, mentoring, doing life on life, and daily devotions in the Scriptures. Our vision is to see a counter-cultural Christian community, an Acts 2 church, in every college town.


Meet the staff of Gracepoint Irvine. We have a passion to build life-transforming, God-centered community, just like the one we found in college. A group of us moved from our different ministries at Berkeley, Minnesota, Riverside, and LA in 2014 to plant a church at UCI. Some of us are UCI-graduates that found our church from those first days in 2014 and are now serving God to build an Acts 2 church here in Irvine.

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Meet Pastor Manny and Sunny, who lead Gracepoint Irvine and our surrounding SoCal churches. They've been serving in college ministry for many years, starting back in their Berkeley days. Pastor Manny Kim graduated from UC Berkeley and later earned a seminary degree from Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary. Sunny Kim, originally from North Carolina, also made her way to the Bay Area for college.  They have been married for over 20 years and have 2 children, Corrie (19) and Naomi (14).  Pastor Manny and Sunny lead Gracepoint Irvine and serve with much zeal and love for many years to come.



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